We Being, We Continue

Beginnings. We love them, don't we? A fresh start is so appealing and often putting away old things and starting anew feels like just what the doctor ordered. Even if it isn’t this way for all,  most people probably cannot escape the New-Year-New-You articles and ads about improving oneself, making resolutions, setting new goals, trying new things... Continue Reading →

Do More Than One Thing

Last week I got some gut-wrenching news. No, nobody died, nothing so terrible. But I got a message that a project I had been working on would not work out. I was devastated. At the beginning of the year, the project had been one of the first goals on my queue, and there I was,... Continue Reading →

These Questions Will Have to Wait

Are you okay? It was a simple question I could have asked. A simple question I didn’t ask. Looking back, I honestly don’t know why. The first time I wanted to ask, I saw him standing perfectly still in the hallway, looking more like an effigy than an actual breathing being. He looked sad, utterly... Continue Reading →

When is done, done?

You come across this piece of advice a lot. It is geared towards getting you to finish whatever it is you are working on. You believe it, so you finish your first draft without editing; just pour it out on the page, get it down until you type those last three letters, E.N.D. Voila! Your complete story.... Continue Reading →


I joined my house's track team as soon as I got into secondary school. Of course, there was no formal joining process at the time, it was as simple as asking the question, "Can you run?", and you were pitted against first, other juniors like you whose mettle had not been proven, and then later... Continue Reading →

Get a Queue

By now, you've read a million and one things about New Year's resolutions. It's everywhere around you, and it's probably going to be everywhere well into February. You've heard a lot of views on how to approach (or not approach) them, or even how New Year's resolutions are really just a waste of time, yadda,... Continue Reading →

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