Imperfectly Okay (or A Post About My Words)

I’ve battled with myself for the past week on what the perfect opening post for this blog should be. What would be the perfect welcoming words? And of course, what would be the perfect theme? After much deliberation, a very akward post that basically said, “I don’t know what to write first, but welcome to my blog”, and an endless search for the perfect theme, I gave up and chose what you are seeing now. But all of that is by the way, becuase I was finally able to put all the noise into perspective, and the result was a singular focus on what really mattered. My words!

My words will remain the same regardless of look, feel, or theme. My words will be my words if I said them today, tomorrow, or the day after, and what is most important is that they are said. There is no right post, and there is no perfect post, there is simply and only my words.

This is not the post I orignially thought I would write, but these are my words, so it’s imperfectly okay. Now, for lack of anything else to say at the moment, I bid you welcome.


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