Just Do It

Many years before 2014
I always wanted to play the guitar. As a kid, I used to hang these slim wooden planks that came off the levels in our wardrobe around my shoulders in guitarist style, using a bag strap or a belt. I would stand in front of the mirror and strum my invinsible strings to any song I liked, but I never started playing. The plank, the belt, and the off key singing in front of the mirror were enough for my childhood heart. In university, I almost started playing when a friend got this beautiful purple guitar and started taking lessons. I thought long and hard about doing the same, but I never got around to it, and so the years went by  and with them my guitar playing dreams.

April 2014 and a whole bunch of new people
In 2014, my company was going to restructure, which meant my old team would be split and sent to new groups. I wasn’t a big fan of the change (my team was efficient and filled with awesome people), but I had to embrace it. April 2014 came, and suddenly I had all of these new people to relate with; little did I know that this change had a question and a guilt trip in store for me.

November 2014, a party, a guitar player, and a guilt trip.
So, in November of 2014 we had a company party with a singing talent show; each group was to have a single represtative who would compete for them. I still hadn’t met most people in the new group so I had no idea who would be represnting us. The show started and each group’s contestant came up and did a cover of a song. When it was our turn, a guy came up with his guitar and played and sang. I can’t remember what song he did, but we won…….Let’s go back for a second: A guy came up with his guitar. As you might have guessed, that struck up a very tiny flame  within me. The flame would still need to be fanned, but the question had been lit: would I ever learn to play?

December 2014 and a resolution
December is such a beautiful month. It has a way of forcing you to reflect on your life, your achievements, your plans, and of course the dreadful list of undone things. December came, and with it all the  things I had to set in motion for the next year. About 2 weeks had gone by since the little flame had been lit, but it was just flickering there by its lonesome, in the dark back of my mind. Then one day my unit head walked in with two guitars, and just like that she was starting lessons with my colleague, the guy with the guitar, who by the way worked in the room across from mine. Yep, help me say what!

Long story short, I decided it was time and I had to just do it. A week later, I asked my unit head for her second guitar until I could get mine.

In the second or third week of January 2015 (I honeslty can’t remember) I played the guitar for the first time.

Feburary 2015, Skylar, callaused hands and onward.
It has been about 7 months and I’m still keeping at it, but I cannot tell a lie it is hard. In Febuary, I got my badass baby, Skylar (see featured image). My fingers hurt still like hell when I play; I was told they wouldn’t hurt so much after a few weeks but I think you really just get used to the pain. I know only a few basic chords right now, and I’m still learning how to play my first song, but i’m happy I finally started playing. Now, when I am old and grey, I won’t look back and regert never trying. So, if there is anything you always wanted do, but haven’t done, in the words of almighty Nike, Just Do It.


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