I want to Break Breakaway

Yes!  Literally, I want to break the song: know the chords and master fludity in the changes so much that I can play them with my eyes closed.

Why? Because I have loved this song forever!

I’ve been practising it for a while now, and while it is still far less than perfect, I have decided to record myself playing it. I’ve recorded and deleted about 15 versions already (I stopped counting after 5). All the efforts so far have sounded just okay, not so good, and down right horrible; I swear they sounded way better when I was playing, but hey, playback does not lie.

Anyway, tomorrow, I will be going for gold and recording my acoustic rendition of the song, and it will be my first “official” beginner guitar song (the real first was actually Indescribable by Chris Tomlin, and the second was Silent Night, but they don’t count next to Breakaway **tehehe**).

To Breaking Breakaway……*flexing fingers*


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