Worry Wastes The Day

When I woke up this morning I had one goal: Get online and continue the programming course I started taking during the week. There was power on this fresh Saturday morning (a sometimes unsual feat when you live in Nigeria) and all I could think of was, get up, don’t waste it. So, up I jumped to start the day.

About an hour into the day I had to deal with some unsettling news, and I just couldn’t get myself to focus. A few hours went by and before I knew it the power was gone, the morning was gone, and I had spent most of it worrying about things out of my control.

I ran a few errands, but when I got back I was still too worried to do anything but sleep, and off to snooze land I went. When I finally woke up,  it was time to start dinner. Somehow, I got myself to write a flash fiction story inspired by the events of the day (at least I got something out of all the crappy feelings), and then I went to make dinner.

Thus went my day.

Nothing has changed since I started worrying about the problem this morning; worrying didn’t fix it, worrying didn’t take it away, rather, worrying only helped me waste the day. I wish, however, that I had been able to pull myself together to continue with my class, instead of wallowing in a problem I could not fix right away.

So the lesson for the day is: Try not to worry ’cause worrying only wastes the day.



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