Do More Than One Thing

Last week I got some gut wrenching news. No, nobody died, nothing so terrible. But I got a message that a project I had been working on would not work out. I was devastated. At the beginning of the year, the project had been one of the first goals on my queue, and there I was, being told that I had to put it on hold, send it back to the back of the line when what I really wanted was to get it done and cross it out for something else on the list.

On that same day, however, I also found myself putting the finishing touches on another project that began last year, was shipped in February, and would see me sharing some exciting publishing news with you this week.

Now, even if project one didn’t work out, two seems to be going pretty well. Looking back to that day, the only reason I was able to plough through the sadness I was feeling over the first project was that I was actively working on the second. And regardless of the outcome of this second project, I’m going full steam ahead on the next goal on the queue.

Win or lose we move.

So, if your goals, plans, or projects seem to be going south, don’t worry too much. You may not succeed at every one of them just yet, but keep showing up and keep doing more than one thing. Do as much as possible as frequently as possible. Eventually, one thing will stick.

Until next time.

P.S. Remember, even though you’re doing many things, everything you do must be intentional.


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